Amy Pennington

Drawing and working with people is the foundation of her art practice, using everyday materials, like cardboard to transgress the boundaries of high and low art, then venturing into other mediums such as film, installation and performance. Amy Pennington works collaboratively with people as participants or co-creators, often in non art spaces including care homes, parks and working men’s clubs. In her work familiarity and accessibility are political strategies to spark a conversation, which soon reaches more complex terrain.

Amy makes work that sensitively takes notice of human relationships and socio-political issues often working with people or groups that are on the fringes of society. Recently Amy has exhibited her solo show Assuming Too Much With Open Barbers, has been commissioned by PEER gallery, Battersea Art Centre and has just completed a residency with In-situ in the North West.

The Look Book

The Look Book was created by Amy Pennington whilst on artist residency at Open Barbers, a queer and trans friendly hairdressers. 126 drawings were compiled into a catalogue of hair portraits with no face shape, no facial features, and no model’s pose. The Look book is now used daily in the salon and clients can now choose from these, without limiting associations of gender, age or attractiveness that hairdresser’s images normally impose. Amy’s process was concerned with the personal connection that went into making an image she would ask clients to sit for her and she saw this as a ‘conversation’ asking the sitters to give their portraits a title based on what they talked or thought about whilst being drawn. Her drawings point beyond the realm of appearance: they are the catalyst for a relationship, and a document of what took place on her 6 month residency.

Saturday 25th February, 6pm
Toynbee Studios



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