Conrad Kira

Conrad Kira is an award winning musical artist from South London. His sound is the city, hard hitting industrial over a lush soundscape. With humorous, hard edged lyrics delivered with an in your face style exploring everything, from mental health to Anime. Conrad stakes his claim to being grime’s great oddball.

Conrad is an experienced performer with many festivals and international gigs under his belt. He also recently composed soundtracks for short films Bloke Fears and The Works (premiered on BBC iPlayer) and is currently working on a joint album with artist Up In The Ear called ZER0FXXX.

Shape Up and a Fade

Music has always played a big part Conrad’s experience of a Black Barbers in London. Spontaneous dancing is a regular thing, even if that means interrupting a haircut to bust a skank. For his project Shape Up and a Fade, Conrad will produce a song based on the Grime/Rap scene of London and the Musical Genres he hears in the Barbers. The piece will be part audio visual, part live performance, expressing his experience in the barbers and how a haircut makes him feel. It’ll be a short film, a music video and a track that bangs!

Sunday 26th February, 4.30-5.30pm
E-Street Barbers LDN, 73 Lower Clapton Rd, London E5 0NP



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