Hick Duarte

Hick Duarte is a photographer and director based in Sao Paulo. His focus is on documenting youth culture, fashion and urban movements that translate the moment when his generation is living.

As an enthusiast of analog photography, Hick Duarte’s visuals ends up assuming an experimental and raw aesthetic, always in resonance with issues and characters of global concern. This approach has given him space in several publications in Brazil and abroad, such as Vogue, Elle, i-D, Dazed, Hypebeast, CNN Style, among others, and attracted clients like adidas Originals, Marina Abramovic, M.A.C Cosmetics and Heineken.


Chavosos is a series that highlights the importance of the haircut for the visual culture of baile funk in Brazil, shot in 2013 in Guianazes, on the outskirts of Sao Paulo. In this context, the barbershop works like a bridge to connect children to their own aesthetic desires – that’s where their first ideas of style materialise. It’s like a tool to make them feel part of a scene, the baile funk scene, which is very visual and has its particular codes – the haircut being one of the strongest. Chavoso is the word that the boys in the suburbs use to point out who has a cool look or a fresh outfit.

Friday 24th Feb – Sunday 5th March
Archive Gallery Haggerston



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