jamie lewis hadley

jamie lewis hadley is a contemporary visual artist and curator based in London. His experience as a former professional wrestler informs the majority of his academic research and he completed his MRes in Theatre and Performance in 2011. Since then, he has continued to present performance works that use professional wrestling as a departure point to create artworks that explore notions of pain, blood, masculinity and endurance.

His current area of research and curatorial practice explores the history, and contemporary landscape of barbering and barbershops; exposing the socio-political significance of these spaces within the field of race and gender studies.

Blood on the Streets

Blood on the Streets is an exhibition of documentation, relics and antiques from jamie lewis hadley’s barbershop project of the same name. For three years jamie has been presenting a public performance lecture in the windows of barbershops across the UK. The lecture explores the history of bloodletting as a medical practice and pays particular attention to the history of barber-surgeons. This exhibition will present one image from each performance, alongside a packet of blood that was taken during the lecture. Also on display will be gruesome and ornate antiques related to this fascinating history.

Friday 24th Feb – Sunday 5th March
Archive Gallery, Haggerston

Sunday 26th February, 6.30-7pm
Rocket Barber Shop, 118 Stoke Newington High St, London N16 7NY



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