Katy Baird

Katy Baird is a London-based artist and curator who often finds herself in uncomfortable situations of her own making. Katy has performed at Live Art festivals and venues across the UK and internationally as well as squat parties, clubs and raves.

She is currently on a UK tour with her recent solo show Workshy and is artist in residence at queer club night Knickerbocker. She co-produces Steakhouse Live, a DIY platform for radical performance practices. It’s rough. It’s raw. Unprofessionalism is embraced. Work cuts across performance art, theatre, visual art, cabaret, sculpture, dance, drag and participatory performance.


At the age of 40 Katy has decided to revisit the look of her early twenties; big hair, make-up, painted nails, pouted lips, smooth legs and just one thin strip of pubic hair.

Transformation is an open invitation to join Katy as she creates this new look over the course of one day. It is an opportunity to talk with each other and the beauty industry professionals who will be waxing, plucking, painting, attaching and injecting her body throughout the performance to complete the transformation.

Transformation is part of ‘ReDress’, a three-year dialogue project exploring how we inhabit and subsequently discard identities and the way we perform them externally through the things we choose to buy.

Sunday 26th February, 1-6pm
Hurwundeki, 156 Mare Street, London E8 3RG



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