Mark Bustos

Hair Artist at Three Squares Studio, New York and philanthropist.

Aged just 14, Mark Bustos discovered the power of human interaction through cutting hair and has dedicated the last 18 years, not only developing and honing his craft, but sharing it all over the globe with clients ranging from his own brothers and cousins, to fashion designer Philip Lim, NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon and others such as 8-year old Isabella, living on the streets in the Philippines.


As the founder of the #BeAwesomeToSomebody movement, Mark has given free haircuts to the homeless every Sunday. His purpose in participating in CUT Festival is to encourage fellow barbers and stylists to follow suit. In what can be an ego-fuelled industry, Mark believes that triggering the release of feel-good endorphins through the power of a haircut is priceless. Homeless or billionaire, the heightened sense of self-confidence is universal.

For CUT Festival, Mark will be offering haircuts for the homeless around East London.

Saturday 25th February, 5pm
Toynbee Studios

Tuesday 28th Feb – Thursday 2nd March
Across East London



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