Oreet Ashery

Oreet Ashery’s work engages with the appearance of the Political and eccentric in art, bio-fiction, gender materiality and potential communities. Ashery’s practice spans live situations and performances, moving image, photography, workshops, writing and assemblages.

Ashery works in an international context and is interested in expanded notions of art that turn to areas such as music, costume, education, distribution, research and activism.


Hairoism is a performance dedicated to gender materiality and to four hairstyles of four male public figures. The first figure has the least hair and the last has the most, allowing Ashery to become hairier as the piece progresses.

Ashery’s appearance transforms from one hour to the next, as two assistants apply hair kindly donated by the audience, and real hair bought in advance, to her shaved head. This image transfer transforms toxic masculinity, power, celebrity apparatuses and dangerous eccentricities into a hairy  self – lump. Ashery will be showing a selection of documentation from this performance at Archive Gallery

Artist talk and Q&A with Professor Roberta Mock
Roberta Mock is Professor of Performance Studies and the Director of the Graduate School at Plymouth University. Her research tends to focus on the body, gender and sexuality and her books include Jewish Women on Stage, Film & Television; Performance, Embodiment and Cultural Memory (as co-editor with Colin Counsell); and Walking, Writing and Performance (as editor). From 1996 to 2006 she directed and performed with Lusty Juventus physical theatre.

Friday 24th Feb – Sunday 5th March
Archive Gallery, Haggerston



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