Barbershop Takeover

Sunday 26th February from 1pm

Alongside exhibitions at Archive Gallery and a full day of activities at Toynbee Studios, Cut Festival will also take to East London barbershops with a dedicated day of performances specifically curated and commissioned for the festival.

All performances are free to attend and accessible, although please be aware that there will be a lot of standing outside of barbershops on the day. We will have a limited amount of seats on site to support anyone who might need those as well as festival support staff to assist.

Full schedule and routes:

KATY BAIRD ‘Transformation’
1pm – 6pm

Hurwundeki, 156 Mare Street, London E8 3RG

At the age of 40, Katy has decided to revisit the look of her early twenties; big hair, make-up, painted nails, pouted lips, smooth legs and just one thin strip of pubic hair. Transformation is an open invitation to join Katy as she creates this new look over the course of one day. It is an opportunity to talk with each other and the beauty industry professionals who will be waxing, plucking, painting, attaching and injecting her body throughout the performance to complete the transformation.

2pm – 4pm

Hound Dog Barbershop, 513 Hackney Rd, London E2 9ED

Mistake, Error, Incorrect, Fail… Each month, for a year, Hester’s barber will shave a word to do with making a mistake into the back of the artist’s head. During the month, the clarity of this image will dissipate as the hair grows, erasing the word in real time. The word will then be replaced by a different one – a synonym – a new way to say the same thing, a new way to make the same mistake.

Headstone speaks into an urgent conversation about history repeating itself, and collective responsibility for the memory of things that have gone wrong, while playfully referencing the high-stakes precision of a barber’s craft. The siting of the work on the artist’s non-binary body, literally behind Hester’s back, additionally raises questions about the violence of terms of aberration, when used in relation to people.

CONRAD KIRA (w/ friends) ‘Shape Up and a Fade’
4.30pm – 5.30pm

E-Street Barbers LDN, 73 Lower Clapton Rd, Hackney E5 0NP

Music has always played a big part Conrad’s experience of a black barbers in London. Spontaneous dancing is a regular thing, even if that means interrupting a haircut to bust a skank. For his project Shape Up and a Fade, Conrad will produce a track and short film influenced by the jigsaw of musical genres he hears in London barbers. Conrad will open the doors of a barber shop to the public, premiering his new work alongside of support performances by regular music collaborators.

JAMIE LEWIS HADLEY ‘Blood on the Streets’
6.30pm – 7pm

Rocket Barber Shop, 118 Stoke Newington High St, London N16 7NY

Blood on the Streets is a public performance that is situated within the window of a barbershop. For one day only, Rocket Barbers will host jamie lewis hadley (the ‘new’ Sweeney Todd) and Dr Belinda Fenty as they expose the history of bloodletting as a medical practice, tracing its roots in ancient medicine, the rise of the barber-surgeon and our current understanding of this incredible substance. Through a combination of live text, projected images and re-enactment, the key figures, instruments and (often unbelievable) techniques will be explored.

12pm – 6pm

Archive Gallery, The Rose Lipman Building, 43 De Beauvoir Road, N1 5SQ

Throughout the day, the Art of Barbering Exhibition continues at Archive Gallery. So why not pop in from 12pm and enjoy the exhibitions before venturing into the streets to watch the performances?

A group exhibition of photography, GIFS, video, drawing, publications and documentation exploring how artists use barbering to explore and expose themes of gender, ritual, community, race and social healing. Artists include Oreet Ashery, Mark Bustos and Brandon Tauszik.

When: Sunday 26th Feb
Where: Various Locations

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